Hassle-free conversion

Intelligent design

One-page design

Convert anything with just a few swipes.

Built-in intelligence

Auto-selects units for you.

Global search

No need to remember categories.

Easter Eggs

Hidden features and fun facts to learn from.

Activity views

No need to browse through all units if all you want to do is bake a cake.

All units for common activities are collected on one page for easy access.

And yes, we included space-flight. We’re nerds.

Also on your watch

If you’re away from you phone or tablet, no problem. All activity views are available on your watch as well.

Respect for privacy

Our apps do not collect personal information at all. Period.

Dedicated support

We’re conversion enthusiasts, and not a big corporation, but we will do our utmost to help you as fast as we can if you run into any issues.

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