Twenty years of enterprise IT experience
Proven value delivered in large and complex organizations
Complete confidentiality and vendor independence

Enterprise Architecture

An effective design strategy requires experience that is hard to come by.

Ours comes from years of being senior EA’s in some of the biggest Danish companies and having already made the mistakes that we will help you avoid.

Digital Workplace

Office 365 is versatile and every organization is unique. Getting full value requires the ability to focus on what makes sense for you.

We have years of experience driving adoption and making your digital workplace work for the people in it.

Enterprise Incubation

We are startup people at heart, constantly working on our own projects, but we’re also experienced enterprise IT managers.

We know the process needed for a great idea to become a business opportunity, and we love helping companies do the same.

Give us a call

We’re informal, coffee-drinking, and perfectly willing to give free advice.

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